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Access real-time observations from buoys and monitoring stations in the Great Lakes regions

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Great Lakes Nearshore Buoy Network - Marine Engineering Laboratory at GLRC
Most Recent Observations
Station ID Title Location Owner Timestamp
45020Grand Traverse Bay South Buoy 11/10/2016 14:102.98.6WNW62.04459.10.01.8Up
45176Cleveland Intake Crib Cleveland, Ohio 07/24/2017 20:3010.511.2NNW69.86976.76.45.0Up
45165Toledo Water Intake Oregon, OH LimnoTech07/24/2017 20:304.16.3N73.25577.71.02.1Up
45169Cleveland Wind Buoy Cleveland LimnoTech07/24/2017 20:3010.113.3N70.36775.85.85.1Up
45164Cleveland DO Buoy Cleveland LimnoTech07/24/2017 20:007.90.0WNW66.7075.10.00.0Up
crib Lake Erie LimnoTech07/24/2017 20:300.00.00.0077.70.00.0Up
lsps Lake Erie LimnoTech07/24/2017 20:300.00.00.0077.70.00.0Up
GLRCMETGLRC Waterfront Meteorological Station Houghton MTU-GLRC07/24/2017 20:301.41.6ESE72.8480.00.00.0Up
UMBIOUniversity of Michigan Biological Station Douglas Lake UM-CILER07/24/2017 20:302.53.5NNW72.15474.90.00.0Up
45161Muskegon Buoy Muskegon GLERL07/24/2017 20:007.09.0NNW68.4069.10.00.0Up
45170Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Buoy Michigan City IISG07/24/2017 20:305.16.7NNE69.58074.54.06.0Up
45174Wilmette Weather Buoy Wilmette IISG07/24/2017 20:305.57.2NNE68.08072.24.15.9Up
45026Cook Nuclear Plant Buoy Bridgman LimnoTech07/24/2017 20:306.07.6NE70.07473.33.75.8Up
45029Port Sheldon Buoy Port Sheldon LimnoTech07/24/2017 20:307.39.2NNW68.96969.43.94.5Up
45168South Haven Buoy South Haven LimnoTech07/24/2017 20:306.07.7N69.67171.53.95.0Up
45175Mackinac Straits West Mackinaw City, MI MTU-GLRC07/24/2017 20:301.72.3SW67.4066.80.72.8Up
45007South Michigan Buoy South Michigan NOAA-NDBC07/24/2017 18:507.08.0N67.1069.84.36.0Up
45002North Michigan Buoy North Michigan NOAA-NDBC07/24/2017 19:502.03.0SW67.5067.50.70.0Up
45022Little Traverse Bay Buoy Little Traverse Bay UM-CILER07/24/2017 20:303.74.5NNW68.37468.80.92.0Up
45024Ludington Buoy Ludington UM-CILER07/24/2017 20:304.55.7NNW64.48463.42.74.1Up
45023North Entry Buoy North Keweenaw Peninsula MTU-GLRC07/24/2017 20:301.72.1NNE65.06861.20.51.8Up
45025South Entry Buoy South Keweenaw Peninsula MTU-GLRC07/24/2017 20:303.34.1ENE68.170---0.61.6Up
45173Munising Buoy Munising NMU09/15/2016 12:404.75.8SSW65.57265.21.13.0Up
45171Granite Island Buoy Granite Island NMU07/24/2017 20:205.00.0SSE63.1060.10.516.0Up
45172Grand Marais Buoy Grand Marais NMU07/24/2017 20:201.40.0SSE61.2065.00.720.0Up

The Great Lakes Nearshore Buoy Network (formerly UGLOS) is a unique public-private partnership that provides real-time and historic data from across the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) brings together and supports partners from across sectors to provide valuable coastal observation data to the public. Buoy data gives users a glimpse of current lake conditions by reporting meteorological and oceanographic conditions, including physical data, e.g., wind (speed, direction, gusts), waves (height, period, direction), and water temperature, as well as selected bio-chemical data, phosphorous, chlorophyll a, and related remote sensing activities.

Nearshore buoys report all parameters to GLOS and NDBC throughout the navigation season. Data is reported every ten minutes, allowing users to track the extremely rapid changes that occur in nearshore waters. Buoy pages allow users to view and download real-time and historical data and visualize trends. Other features include Buoy Cams and text alerts from the station or buoy of choice.

Many users rely on buoy data, including coastal municipalities whose economy depends upon up to date and accurate meteorological and oceanographic information, municipal drinking water intakes, private coastal and water quality consulting firms, nuclear power generation facilities, commercial boating interests, Native communities, universities and government agencies.

The Great Lakes Nearshore Buoy Network partners include:

NOAA, National Data Buoy Center (NDBC), National Park Service (NPS), Great Lakes Research Center of Michigan Technological University (MTU-GLRC), the Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI), University of Michigan (UM), University of Michigan's Biological Station (UM-CILER), Northwestern Michigan College, Northern Michigan University (NMU), United States Coast Guard, US Army Corps of Engineers, LimnoTech Inc., Cook Nuclear Plant, Indiana Michigan Power, City of South Haven, Van Buren County, Entergy - Palisades Nuclear Plant, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (IISG), Purdue University, Enbridge, and others.

This network of partners and observing stations continues to grow annually, due primarily to increased public and commercial interests. For more information on how you can get involved, please contact

    4840 State Road
    Ann Arbor, MI, 48108
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